Monday, August 30, 2010

Robot Family--Week 1

Note: This update is rather short, as nothing really happened. However, I will be posting a video about this family soon, so this family should be somewhat ineresting.


Our company has acquired a small suburban home where the company's lead inventor and owner, Albert Irshay,
will be able to develop and produce robots.

For the first two weeks, the only robots that were produced were intended as amusement devices. These robots sold well enough to allow Irshay to develop new types of robots.

These new robots were made for more practical functions, including cleaning and gardening. The new CleanBot model has been built and tested.

Early testing has shown this robot to work very well.

The gardening model will be created and tested soon, along with new prototypes for security robots.

A video showing Irshay's life:

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