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Welcome to Trannsylvania, a small town somewhere in Northern California. (No relation to the region of Romania with a similar name). Two years ago, a planned community was built here. But like any small town, this one has its secrets...

THE CHALLENGE: Babale's Paranormal Variant for the Prosperity Challenge


This challenge is based off of the Prosperity Challenge. However, it is geared towards the paranormal. Instead of rolling for the number of families, you will start with 5. Each family will have only one adult sim, either male or female (with one exception). Each one of the 5 families will follow its own rules, as detailed bellow. When a family’s heirs grow up, they can be sent off to their own houses. They must still follow the original rules.

If you are missing the expansion pack for one or more of these families, you can make up your own paranormal families.

The challenge ends when all 5 families have gone through 5 (Or ten for servos) generation. So, the founder’s kid’s kid’s kid’s kid has his first child.

On Mixing Families:
Each family is only allowed to marry its own type. However, this rule may be broken… see bellow.

If a vampire, werewolf, alien, or plantsim leaves his family (for example, by marrying a member of another family) then he is treated as being familyless. You may still play him, but he is no longer eligible for marriage with any other family.

Servos are the exception. They may move in with anyone they like without invalidating their new homeowner’s validity. However, that servo is no longer considered part of the servo family.

On Other Paranormals:
I didn’t add a zombie family, or a witch family, or a bigfoot family because I felt that zombies and bigfeet are too limited while witches are best suited to overlap with other families. However, if you’re short on expansions and don’t have 5 families, go ahead and make up your own.

With the vanilla challenge, however, zombies, witches, and bigfoots are unrestricted.

NOTE: Many of these families say that the Founder must become whatever paranormal creature he will become within the first week. If you don’t make it, that’s fine. Just try to finish in the first week.

1) Alien Family
NOTE: Since all baby aliens are related to the Pollination Tech, you are required to use some sort of hack, cheat, or SimPE to sever family ties between each male alien baby and the Poly Tech. I would really rather not force people to use hacks and if anyone has a better way, please leave a comment.

NOTE: Unlike the other families, this family must have its starting sim be a male.
The starting sim will be the male founder. All other family members will be produced by alien abduction. No member of this family, including the founder, may ever marry or move in any non-alien sim. The only exception is if the family grows enough that there are pure-blood aliens (one male alien parent, impregnated by abduction) so far from each other that they may interact romantically. In this case, two aliens may marry, have kids, etc. These kids are considered valid family members.
No alien sim may ever try for baby with a non-alien sim. They are from a different planet, after all. Humans are more likely to succeed in having kids with an ear of corn!

2) Vampire Family
The founder must become a vampire in the first week.
All other family members must become vampires on the day that they move in OR on the day that they become teenagers if they will be going to university OR on the day that they become adults if they will not be going to university. Vampires may only marry other vampires.
Once a week, one non-vampire, non-servo, and non-plant sim must be killed for each vampire member of the family. This is considered “feeding”. This sim does not need to live in the vampire’s household. He may be killed with cheats or through any ingame mean you wish, but his tombstone must be kept on the lot at least until the next sim is killed. If a vampire does NOT kill a sim during the week, he must be killed. (If this is just too hard to keep up with, it’s ok to kill a sim every two weeks. Try it, though; all you need to do is talk to a random person walking by and invite him in.)
The vampire family may never call the police to confront burglars, as the cops may discover where all the missing people are!

3) Servo Family
By the time the founder is an elder, he must have built his first servo.
Every family member must also be a servo. Subsequent servos can be build by the founder or by other servos.
The founder can invite people to move in with him and even have kids, but they are not part of the family. They are treated as townies insofar as other families are concerned. They may freely move into servo homes, however.
In order for the challenge to end, the servos must reach generation 10, instead of five like other families. This means Founder needs to build Servo 1, servo 1 needs to build Servo 2, and so on until Servo 10. If Servo 1 builds multiple Servos, any of them may be treated as Servo 2.
Servos may be sold to other families.

4) Werewolf Family
The Founder must become a werewolf by the time he is an elder.
All family members must become werewolves by the time they are teens.
Each household in this family must have at least 1 dog. No household in this family may have a cat.
While in werewolf form, sims
Werewolves may only marry other werewolves. All sims that move in to a werewolf household must be werewolves first.
No police while anyone is in werewolf form!

5) Plantsim Family
Founder must be a plantsim by the time he is an elder.
plantsim within a week. (So prepare ready-to-spray plots before moving anyone in!)
Spore babies do not count towards the generation count. Instead, they are treated as if they were the original. (So the founder’s spore baby IS the founder).
Any sim born in the family must become a plant sim within a week of becoming an adult.
Plant sims may only marry other plant sims.
Plant sim’s households may only contain a small house. The house may never be larger than 10X10. A greenhouse can be as large as is wanted, however.
Plant sims may never work on a job. They may only garden or fish or do any other in-home activity.
 Home businesses are allowed.


  1. This looks like a really fun way to play. If I ever finish Apple Grove, I may try this.

  2. Thanks! Appreciate that. Maybe I'll get a second taker eventually, so I won't be the only one doing this challenge.

  3. Wow, this looks really perfect for what I was planning to do with my empty hood after I've finished my legacy! Which won't be for a while as I'm busy with exams and university applications, but I might give this a go in the future to set my fantasy hood up (: thank you for posting!

  4. For the Aliens, you can download "Multiple Pollination Techs" mods. Most have between 4 and 6 different Techs that can impregnate your sim, so you don't have to worry about being related to him... Also, the "Closer Family Mod" allows incest... Or you could use the "Tombstone of Life and Death" or the "Sim Modder" (Forget which one) to pick the option "Make me Alien Pregnant" after being abducted... There is also a mod that allows females to get alien pregnant...
    Vampires: There are two mods that allow feeding from bites, and death by bites on Mod the Sims.
    You are missing a part in the Werewolf part...

    This is cool! I think I'll try it!