Saturday, October 30, 2010

End of Week 1!

With the first week behind us, it is time to assess the neighborhood's situation.

I've achieved an alien birth, there are two vampires in town, and the plant sim is as close to nature as she'll ever be. All that's left now is to get the Leader of the Pack to bite a chunk off of Lyan and to let Irshay finally complete his grand project.

So see ya'll in next week's frozen winter!

PlantSim-Week 1

From the reports of an FDA Inspector on Silah Zema's Farm

First time I showed up to the farm was when Zema was just getting started. She bought this small, brick house on a large plot of land. The house was a total dump, mind you; I wouldn't live there for free. But the land is great. Very, very fertile.

She cleared up a bit of it for planting, but it was probably too much for her. I doubted if she could plant and tend to that many plants.

Still, everything was in order, so I approved her farm. I told her I'd be back once her plants started growing.

When I came back a few weeks later, her farm was looking much better. She was tending to half of the prepared plots with no trouble at all, although she had some sort of bug infestation.

She got this pesticide from her neighbor, who was apparently a scientist of some type. Irshaw, Irshay, something like that. I asked her for a sample, so that I could test it out. What I found was astonishing: The pesticide was highly radioactive. Probably not harmful to the plants, and ingeniously designed to become inert after a few minutes. But she would have to take extreme precautions when actually spraying it, or else something bad could happen to her.

Intending to warn her, I drove back to the farm as fast as I could. But by the time I got there, I was too late. Her sprayer malfunctioned, sending radioactive spray everywhere. I couldn't approach until the air had cleared and the radioactivity decayed, but when I did, I was horrified.

Something very, very bad had happened. Somehow, Silah Zema's body changed from flesh to vegitation.

I couldn't allow her to keep selling her produce on the general market. For all I knew, the ground itself was infected by this radioactivity. I did help her find some private buyers who were willing to take the risk, though. So Zema kept on working, and her garden prospered.

Zema was changed. She no longer needed food, replacing it with sunlight and water. She not longer needed rest, and tending to her plants was all the entertainment she needed.

Frost, however, could still harm her. So as winter rolled around, she built a greenhouse where she could grow her plants twenty four hours a day.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Werewolf Family-Week 1

I'm back! Sorry about the delay and the short update, but it's setting things up for next week. Playing this family took the fun out of TS2, mostly because of the freaking vacation... Those things are boring! But hopefully, I'll be able to keep to a schedule from now on...

From  Lyan Deppiesse's Description of Life in Trannsylvania, as described by her close friend

The last time I saw Lyan? Oh sure, I remember it well. It was about a year after she moved to Trannsylvania. She was happy. Really happy. She just got married, if I remember right. Let's see...

Lyan moved to Trannsylvania after her fiancee broke of the engagement last-minute. Come to think about it, I haven't seen him since right about the time that Lyan disappeared... Huh. Anyways, Lyan really fell in love with the neighboorhood.

She met this guy, Leo, on a blind date. Maybe it was because she was still hurt by her fiancee, but things moved pretty quickly for them. They got married very fast.

They went on a honeymoon after that, and I haven't heard from them since they came back. I wonder what could have happened...

Oh yeah, the last time I saw her, she kept on talking about this one dog. I have no idea if that means anything to you, but she seemed kind of obsessed...