Friday, October 29, 2010

Werewolf Family-Week 1

I'm back! Sorry about the delay and the short update, but it's setting things up for next week. Playing this family took the fun out of TS2, mostly because of the freaking vacation... Those things are boring! But hopefully, I'll be able to keep to a schedule from now on...

From  Lyan Deppiesse's Description of Life in Trannsylvania, as described by her close friend

The last time I saw Lyan? Oh sure, I remember it well. It was about a year after she moved to Trannsylvania. She was happy. Really happy. She just got married, if I remember right. Let's see...

Lyan moved to Trannsylvania after her fiancee broke of the engagement last-minute. Come to think about it, I haven't seen him since right about the time that Lyan disappeared... Huh. Anyways, Lyan really fell in love with the neighboorhood.

She met this guy, Leo, on a blind date. Maybe it was because she was still hurt by her fiancee, but things moved pretty quickly for them. They got married very fast.

They went on a honeymoon after that, and I haven't heard from them since they came back. I wonder what could have happened...

Oh yeah, the last time I saw her, she kept on talking about this one dog. I have no idea if that means anything to you, but she seemed kind of obsessed...


  1. Oh oh...I see a future how fun!

  2. Oh, I've read that adding more trees helps you attract more wolves, if you still need to attract them. ;)

    And I'm looking forward to seeing more about Lyan.

  3. I ended up cheating a little when the wolf came, was about to nibble, canceled the action, and then left. But the couple are doggies, now.